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Conquest is a comprehensive Web Content Management Solution that enables organizations to create and manage content once and re-use it in multiple sites, intranets and extranets. Conquest lets the business units ‘own’ their content across the lifecycle of the content, without any need for technical assistance.

With conquest organizations can

  • Centralize the layout, navigation and presentation of sites
  • Distribute the actual site development, deployment and one going management to the business units;
  • Give content authors the ability to easily add, modify and approve content within the context of their web sites.
  • Product Features

    User friendly Wysiwyg editing.
    Easy navigation
    100% browser based.
    User and role based security.
    Templating for consistent look and feel
    In built templates and stylesheets. Users can also add their own templates.
    Personalization of content.
    Can process content in any form - text documents, images, videos, pdf files, presentations etc.,
    Add on components like quizzes, polls, banner management, Store front
    Analytical reports on site visits
    Easy integration with any third party application
    Version Management features that allows roll backs.
    Advanced workflow management control.
    Scheduling components to enable deferred publishing and archiving
    Simple and advanced search functionality.
    Image repository / document repository that stores and tags assets, with facility to bulk upload
    Standard based Meta tagging.
    Distributed architecture
    Multi channel publishing
    Multisite support. Allows easy replication
    Supports multiple languages.
    Support for Web Services
    Support for ADSI / LDAP
    Support for RSS/Atom feeds