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ConQuest CMS is developed entirely using Microsoft technologies. It uses ASP.NET and XML, a combination increasingly becoming the industry standard for web publishing.


The hosting environment for ConQuest is as follows

Operating system Windows 2000 and above
Database SQL 2000
Web Server IIS 5.0
Others Dot net framework.

The users of the system like the admin, authors, reviewers etc., only need Internet Explorer (version 5.5 and above) in their system, as ConQuest is completely web based.

Technical features

Scalable: ConQuest is highly scalable. It can accommodate more than 100 users at the admin side and thousands of concurrent users at the public side. Users can create and maintain multiple websites using ConQuest.

Modular: The components of ConQuest are highly modular. It is easy to add more components and is equally easy to remove unwanted components.

Distributed Architecture: The modules of ConQuest can be spread across multiple Servers. The Database, the content staging server and the public Server can all be totally independent of each other.

Integration: Integrating ConQuest with external applications is extremely easy, as ConQuest relies lot on XML. The engineers at Silkfort are also highly skilled in writing interface codes to make ConQuest work seamlessly with external applications

Quick Deployment: Deployment of ConQuest can be surprisingly quick. Once the templates and the sitemap are ready, ConQuest will be ready for deployment with a matter of days.