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The conquest edge

There are many CMS products in the market with similar features as Conquest. However conquest simply scores over its competition on the following points

What you NEED is what you get

Conquest is made up of many independent but seamless modules. It can be broken into functional pieces based on the needs of the customer. At a basic level a user can buy a plain vanilla system, that will just let him type content and publish. If he needs to add access control and image gallery, we will add just those modules, on top of the basic module. Thus a customer will never get saddled with many modules, that are supposedly ‘enterprise’ but is of no real use in the customer’s organizational set up.


No product available in the organized market can match the price efficiency of Conquest. The product was completely designed, built and tested in India, which gives a huge cost advantage. The licensing policy is also straightforward. It is a server based licence, that allows any number of users in the system.

Silkfort edge

Conquest is developed Silkfort Technologies, which has a team of content consultants, process experts and designers. While our competitor just sell the product or at best implement the product, we cover the entire gamut of content solutions value cycle. We often help our clients migrate their existing content, digitize their existing content, advise on navigation and even design their layouts and provide customized templates.