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Website designing

A successful website design is the result of a pool of skills including business awareness, graphic design and user experience modelling.

Our web design team has substantial commercial experience in developing and establishing on-line brands. The designs we create are unique and will help you differentiate your site from your competitors on-line.

Clear and simple navigation

We want to make sure that the way we present information is right for your target audience, allowing them to get the information they are most likely to want quickly, but intriguing them so they linger and find out more. The visual design is important because this will immediately attract visitors, but it is
also important to get navigational and interface factors right, so that the visitor stays and gets around the site easily.

Ease of use

Our dedicated team of database designers and application engineers works closely with the web design team to ensure complete integration between what the user sees, interactivity, access and back-end databases. All our sites download quickly using standard hardware site navigation, are simple and instinctive to use, and are accessible across all browsers and across all systems. Basically we
believe a site should be accessible from the homepage in a single click.