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Bespoke application development

Silkfort is blessed with a team of talented Project managers, technical architects, business analysts, developers and testers. With years of experience in developing scalable, object oriented applications, we have built a considerable inventory of reusable code.

All these means

Reduced timeframe for building applications
Lesser cost of development
Better process and documentation
Lesser risk of project failure
The applications are scalable and robust

We have good expertise in building applications in the following domains

Intranets / extranets

Sharing information within a company (Intranets) and with your customers / suppliers and business partners (Extranets) can help you in reducing the time taken for communication and also improve your business process.

Silkfort develops powerful and secure intranet and extranet systems that allow you to tailor what information is seen by which parties via a standard web browser. Document management, shared diaries, contacts, accounts information, product information and pricing tables are just some of the areas that can be included in an information system for your business.

Document Management Systems

As the number of knowledge workers increases, the enterprise needs to provide an environment for efficient creation, organization and retrieval of documents and digital assets in general - throughout their lifecycle, from creation to backup and finally deletion. Silkfort has the right experience and component base to help you manage your documents and digital assets in an effective and methodical way.

Workflow Management Systems

Silkfort has implemented workflow management systems for clients in various industries like Healthcare, Banking, Software and BPO. Having worked on different workflow patterns and standards, we are best placed to foresee the changes that can happen to any workflow design and build an application that is flexible and easily configurable by the user.

Quizzing / Polls / Surveys

Silkfort has in the pat built powerful quizzing and online Survey applications for many of its clients. Having worked closely with the quizzing and psychometrics community, we have good understanding of the possible functionalities in the field as well.

Apart from the above domains, we are skilled and qualified to build to increase the working efficiency of any organization in any domain.