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Healthcare focus

The use of information technology in the healthcare domain has increased tremendously in the past thanks to higher accent on evidence based care and greater efficiency.

Consumers of healthcare services are far more informed and they demand better care, better information and shorter workflow cycles from providers. Breakthroughs in medical equipments, evolving standards, and tech-savvy doctors have brought about a sea of change to the way healthcare is delivered to patients.

Silkfort has an excellent understanding of the working of the healthcare providers on one hand, and the working of the medical systems and modalities on the other. This places us in a comfortable position for integrating disparate systems in a hospital to provide a holistic clinical information architecture.

The consultants from Silkfort have worked closely with many multispeciality hospitals in the past, developing application in the areas of Electronic medical records, Hospital information Systems, Knowledge management systems, Image acquisitions etc.,

We can offer you the following services:

Implementation of an integrated electronic medical records application
Implementing a Image management solution
Digitisation of existing medical records and load the data into an EMR application
Appointments management system
Lab management systems
Micro EMR solutions for individual doctors